Instead of reading or hearing about Vladimir Tasevski (and emphasizing exhibitions, awards and other self-centered matters), one can only look at his work, that is, his photographs. And everything that is meaningful about them is sublimated, with a few words, by one of his friends. Thus, if you really want to know his direction, and his way of seeing things without looking at the photos, these following words are enough:


"Vladimir Tasevski photos are like Soul Illumination. Their sensitivity brings us a different emotion about erotic and nature. His artistic view is so pure, unique and natural."

Biljana Palanova, (psychologist)

I dedicate this website and all my work to the man that gave me every direction in life, emphasizing the sensibility of feelings and love. The man who was love itself .....

....My father ....

Tome Tasevski (1950 - 2010)


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